Edmonton Scottish Society Soccer Dome – Seko Construction

Seko Construction was proud to partner with the Edmonton Scottish Society to build Canada’s largest soccer dome in Edmonton Alberta.  The facility features an incredible 135,000 square foot playing surface. The building itself is a state-of-air dome with an air support structure and has the highest quality field turf available that meets FIFA Pro standards for international games.

There are four 7 v 7 indoors fields and three 9 v 9 indoor fields allowing for simultaneous games or training sessions. This increases the capacity and flexibility of the Edmonton Soccer Dome, accommodating various levels of play and different age groups. There is also a full two lane running track around the field.

During the construction process, the Edmonton Soccer Dome received extensive attention and planning. The endeavor to create Canada’s Largest Air Support sports facility was initiated well in advance of ground development. Every aspect of the building, including its structural integrity, the quality of the turf, and the ventilation system, was meticulously considered and prioritized.

Great care was taken to ensure that the building itself was of the highest quality, designed to withstand the demands of a bustling sports facility. From the foundation to the framework, the construction process adhered to stringent standards, ensuring optimal durability and longevity.


Edmonton Scottish Soccer Dome - Seko Construction

Edmonton Soccer Dome Air System

The air system in this facility has better air dynamics than the outdoors for several different sports and activities. The ventilation system was designed to maintain a comfortable and breathable environment for athletes and spectators alike. Adequate air circulation, temperature control, and humidity management were incorporated to enhance the overall experience and ensure optimal performance.


What Kinds of Activities use the Edmonton Soccer Dome Space?

The state of the art facility boasts air dynamics better than the outdoors for several different types of sport and activities including Soccer, Softball, Rugby, Lacrosse, Frisbee and Drone Racing

Indoor soccer facilities provide a climate controlled environment, allowing players to enjoy the sport regardless of weather conditions. This is particularly useful in regions with extreme temperatures, heavy rain, or harsh winters. With an indoor soccer dome, you can play sport and leisure activities all year round, even during seasons when outdoor fields might be inaccessible or unavailable.

  • Project Edmonton Scottish Society Soccer Dome
  • Location Edmonton, AB