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When you are running a business, the industry that you are in will cycle through trends as time goes by. This is also true of construction, though some may think that is not possible, as there is already a “best way” to build.

Construction also sees trends come and go, and many of these trends focus on processes and making a job site safer and the construction process more efficient, for instance. Unlike some other industries, the trends in construction are not just aesthetic trends. There are advancements in construction technologies, and finding ways to be more energy efficient and focused on green building.

Read on to learn more about some of the construction industry trends that we are seeing emerge for industrial construction in the year 2023. 

Prefabrication or Modular Building

Our first construction industry trend is Prefab or modular construction is where parts of a building are put together off-site and then transported to the job site once they are assembled.

This is something that can help to save time, as it can be done off-site in conjunction with other things happening actually at the job site. It is like your team is doing double duty!

Prefabrication, or modular building or modular construction as it is also called, is something that can be more environmentally friendly, too. When parts of a building are put together this way, there is less waste, which is eco-friendly but can also help construction firms cut down costs of building materials!

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Virtual Design Technology

The industrial construction sector is seeing lots of technology implemented in different ways and for different purposes.

By and large, though, it helps speed up processes and make the company more efficient. Virtual design technologies are a valuable way to visualize a building or job site before work has even begun on the ground.

Faulty or incorrect buildings are about 30% of construction costs, so by eliminating potential issues by using a virtual design technology, construction companies can cut costs and save money— and valuable time and manpower, too!

There are many kinds of virtual design technologies that a construction company could use for this purpose.

Tech Solutions For Safety

Technology can also be used in industrial construction to increase job site and your construction workers safety. This is very important, as the construction industry can be a dangerous one!

This can include smart technology that can pinpoint safety hazards on the job, but it can also include tech solutions that have been used to improve construction safety equipment.

An example of this is a safety helmet that uses a suspension system to absorb and direct impact away from the neck and head in the case of a fall! 

3D Printing

3D printing is another tech solution that can be used in industrial construction! It can be used to print with different materials, such as concrete fibre, or geopolymers. 3D printing can be used with biodegradable materials like mud or straw, too.

Typically, only the frame and walls of a structure can be created with the 3D printing method at this time. It can be considered offsite construction by using advanced construction robotics.

3D printing is a big time saver for the construction industry and can reduce construction timelines by up to 75%. It is also more inexpensive than traditional construction materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the construction industry, there are trends that come and go with time, just like in any other industry!

Some of the trends that are emerging in the construction industry include tech, such as IoT, prefabrication, and smart operations.

With the leaps and bounds that we have achieved in technology, a lot of the emerging trends in the construction industry are technology based. It is important to try and utilize technology to better achieve construction goals and to make job sites safer, too. 

What is the trend for construction tech in 2023?

In the construction industry, we are seeing a lot of trends that are related to construction tech.

Essentially, construction tech is the technological advances and products that are utilized in the construction industry to achieve things such as improving efficiency or improving worker safety. For 2023, it is clear that construction tech is the way forward and is the way that the construction industry is going to be able to grow.

There are many trends for construction tech that we will see in the coming year. The strongest of these trends include drones, 3D paving, robots, and telematics. The companies that implement these construction tech trends will see a lot of success in 2023. 

What is the outlook for the construction industry in Canada in 2023?

If you are in the construction industry, it is important that you pay attention to trends, but also to where the industry seems to be going in the future. Is it growing or shrinking?

Are there any concerns or struggles within the sector that are beginning to arise? All of these are important questions to ask yourself and keep an eye on. It helps you to be prepared and to then make strategic business choices!

Luckily, in Canada, the construction industry is doing well. Beginning in 2023, the industry is expected to grow at an AAGR of over 2%, and this estimate is for the years 2023 to 2026. The outlook for construction and construction companies in Canada is a positive one!

What is the future of the construction industry in Canada?

One of the keys to long-term success in any industry is to be sure to look to the future. You should also stay knowledgeable about your industry or sector. When it comes to construction, then, you may wonder what the future holds, especially in Canada if your business operates here.

The construction industry is supposed to grow in Canada, and there are some trends that are expected to emerge in the coming year.

These trends are largely related to construction tech, so think drones, robots, and smart operations, for starters. In relation to growth, the industry is expected to grow at an AAGR of a little over 2% in the next few years. The country’s construction output is also expected to reach CAD 232,243.2 million by the year 2026!