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What Is a Construction Management Company?

In the world of construction and building, there is something that you will likely come across called a construction management company. They can be a key part of the process you go through to turn an idea from a blueprint into a safe and appealing building.

Essentially, a construction management company is a firm that will handle all of the required tasks to oversee the construction phases of building of your structure. They will act on behalf of a property’s owner so that they do not have to get their hands dirty and can focus on more pressing matters.

Read on to learn how construction management works. 

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What Is Construction Management?

Construction management itself is when a person or a company will manage or direct different construction projects. This refers to projects in all sorts of different stages, so depending on how far along a particular project is, a construction manager may coordinate, supervise, or help draw up a budget for the structure.

Those that are doing this job are truly indispensable to the property owners and help them to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible. 

Below, we go over some of the areas where a construction manager is able to assist on construction projects.


The construction industry is very dangerous, which is why it is crucial to have someone on the planning team who is knowledgeable about the industry and any potential hazards that may arise on a construction site. A construction management company can help to identify any potential hazards on the job site, as well as help mitigate these by ensuring the proper protocol is in place.

For instance, zoning and the availability of quality safety equipment are important. Another thing that a construction company may do is work to make sure there are few overtime shifts, as overtired workers can make more mistakes– which can be dangerous to themselves or others!

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Planning is obviously important in any sort of project, construction or otherwise. It is crucial in making sure the project will succeed and meet expectations along the way. Especially in construction, a project needs to be planned out before it has even started. Some of the things that are done in this planning stage are task estimates and duration estimates, which help to set expectations right out of the gate. Without proper planning, it can be very difficult for a team to work on the different parts of the project successfully. 

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Construction projects can also get very costly, especially depending on the size of the project and the project scope. This is why a construction management team will also spend a good amount of time working on the budgeting for the project, and will often do an in-depth probe.

With a realistic budget, the team will be able to avoid many issues from springing up for the duration of the project and try to avoid additional costs. When budgeting, some of the things that the construction manager will look at are the cost estimates of total spending on the project, as well as total returns on the project. 

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The property manager, as well as the people working on the project, are going to want to know how long it is expected to take. This is also important when you stop to consider that the longer a project is taking, the higher the expenses associated with the project itself.

The faster a project, the more money the property owner will usually be able to save in the long run! For this reason, accurate time estimates on project delivery, as well as great time management skills, are very important for construction project managers or construction management firms. Great communication skills are also key because they can help to reduce any errors– as errors cause delays. 


Nobody hires a team and expects to have a job done poorly– adhering to the standards of the property owner or client is a huge factor in the success of the project.

Every construction management company is going to want to make sure that they provide a high-quality experience and professional service when working together, as well as executing a successful project in the construction of the building! Particular quality concerns may vary based on the standards of the client, but these can include safety, material quality, and more.

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Construction Contracts Admission

Last but not least is contract admission. This is typically done at the end of a specific project after most of the main functions are complete. The term refers to the process of communication between the client, or property manager, and the construction management team, concerning information exchange and determining last-minute additions or changes to the scope of work.

It is important at this stage that the client, but also the construction management company, is satisfied with how the project is turning out, as well as how it is following the terms of the contract that is in place. 

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Construction Management with SEKO Construction

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives of Construction Management?

Construction management functions with the main goal of managing and controlling different construction projects or initiatives– hence the name! Typically, this involves a construction project manager, whose job it is to oversee the project.

A construction manager’s job includes a multitude of different tasks, including the planning, coordination, budgeting, and supervising of the project. Their job is to act in the best interest of the owner and oversee the building process at each stage it is at. 

What is the difference between construction management and project management?

Construction management and project management may seem like they are pretty similar! However, they are not referring to the same kind of work, though they can overlap at certain points. Construction management is when a person or company is overseeing the construction process of a building or structure and ensure project success.

Project management, on the other hand, refers to running all aspects of the entire project– not only the construction part of things. For instance, a project manager could end up doing tasks such as procuring the land for the project or hiring the construction manager, who will deal with the construction itself.