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What Is Industrial Construction

When you are in the construction field, or even just doing your research if you are planning on taking on your own home construction project, you may hear different types of construction being mentioned– one of these being industrial construction. There are four different main types of construction, so the terms that you are hearing are not interchangeable! 

In the case of industrial construction, this refers to the development, renovation, or ground-up construction of structures that are meant for businesses that deal with the manufacture of goods. Sometimes, the construction project will also include the design, installation, or maintenance of mechanical and structural components located within the space. 

These types of projects have very strict rules and guidelines. For example, they typically have to go through occupancy requirements and permitting according to legal regulations. Commercial construction projects have to do this, too, but it is usually stricter for industrial construction projects. Some examples of industrial construction buildings and commercial buildings include manufacturing facilities, factories or distribution centres.

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Main Types of Industrial Buildings

There are two main kinds of buildings that are considered an industrial building and are therefore considered to be under the umbrella of industrial construction. These are warehouse buildings and manufacturing buildings. Below, we go into a bit more detail on both of these building types. 

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Warehouse or Distribution

The first type of building that is considered an industrial construction building is that of a warehouse or a distribution center. These types of buildings are used for the storage and distribution of goods– they are related to the manufacture of goods in that they are part of the supply chain and get the products out there, but they are not directly involved in the manufacture of said products. The goods are not actually being assembled there, nor are the raw materials being processed there. 

Many warehouses and distribution centers follow the same blueprint. Their ceilings are generally around 60 feet high to accommodate racking or other storage systems, and they are typically just one story. Depending on the amount of storage needed, the square footage of the space could be around 5,000 feet or upwards of 100,000!


The second kind of building that is commonly seen in industrial construction is a manufacturing building. Unlike warehouses or distribution centers, the goods that the company is selling are actually being assembled here. These buildings house the equipment to create the goods– the equipment is usually very heavy and very expensive! Some of the industries that use these sorts of buildings are the mining, oil, and shipbuilding businesses.

Manufacturing buildings follow similar designs to house the heavy machinery, and to increase foot traffic around this machinery, too. They will have a three-phase electrical supply in order to power the machinery all day, as well as heavy ductwork and high-capacity systems for ventilation and exhaust. This is important because manufacturing often utilizes or releases harmful chemicals and fumes within the facility. 

How Is Industrial Construction Different From Commercial Construction?

Industrial construction and commercial construction both pertain to business ventures and involve constructing buildings that will be used by companies. However, this similarity aside, commercial and industrial construction are two different kinds of construction. The fundamental difference is that industrial construction is only meant for a very specific few industries, while commercial construction projects can be more varied.

Industrial construction is concerned with buildings where products are being assembled, like factories. Commercial construction, however, is for customer-facing businesses. Some examples here could be restaurants or retail shops. Another way to look at it is that industrial construction jobs are for the manufacture of the products that will then be sold in buildings that are commercial construction jobs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of industry construction?

Industry construction, or industrial construction, is one of the four main types of construction projects. It refers to the building of structures that are going to be used for the industrial branch of manufacturing– hence the name. Some examples of these types of buildings include manufacturing facilities, heavy industrial buildings and power plants. Industrial construction also includes repairing, renovating, and generally improving pre-existing buildings. It does not only refer to constructing them from the ground up.

What belongs to industrial construction?

Industrial construction is an umbrella term for many different kinds of construction projects. However, not all construction projects fall under the umbrella, as there is a specific criterion. Industrial construction refers specifically to buildings or structures that have an intended use in industrial fields. Mainly, these are larger industrial projects like factories, warehouses, retail centers, power plants, and other specialized facilities like solar farms and commercial properties. “Industrial” as a term refers to any business or company that deals with the manufacture of goods in order to make money.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial?

Commercial and industrial construction are two different types of construction, which you may have heard mentioned before. It is important not to get the two mixed up, as they have some big fundamental differences– the terms are not interchangeable. Commercial construction is when a building is meant for any business that intends to solely turn a profit.

Some examples are malls, retail shops, or restaurants. Industrial construction, though, is when the building is for a business that deals specifically with the manufacture of goods. Some examples of this type of construction can be warehouses, assembly factories, or power plants.

What are industrial projects?

Industrial projects refer to those sorts of projects that concern “industry”. The industry is known as the economic activity that is involved with the processing of raw materials or the manufacture of goods and products. So, in the case of an industrial project, this would be a proposal for an investment that will be used in order to either create, expand, or develop facilities that can help increase the production of certain goods in a community.

Essentially, calling something an industrial project is another way to call a building or structure an industrial construction job.